It’s OK to feel overwhelmed

I have a big week coming up. It’s Time to Talk Day on Thursday 4th February. My poem “First Steps” is being published. I’m speaking at an online event. A blog I wrote is being published locally.

I should be excited, right?

No, I’m overwhelmed and anxious. I’ve managed to self-sabotage by over-exercising, triggering my chronic pain and leaving myself barely able to move. This means I can’t shower, wash my hair, and take a selfie to accompany said blog.

Recovery is hard work. Taking selfies is a massive challenge for someone who has spent their life avoiding cameras because they hated the way they look.

I’ll get there. The same way I have so far. One tentative step at a time. Because anything more is too overwhelming. Especially when the world is a scary and disconcerting place right now.

Be kind to yourselves this February. And remember, it’s OK to feel overwhelmed.

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